Trousers drop, includes short pants

PGA Championship says it’s going to let short pants in training rounds-could a cargo shorts disaster be coming?

It reached 70-degrees in Nyc this week, which meant this town -weary residents lost their heads. Wool jackets stayed home. Tshirts came out to play. Individuals dined outside — oh, excuse me, al fresco — looking like jolly elephant seals on the piers.

On the other hand, New Yorkers will dine outside when it’s 38-degrees out. It’s the most unusual thing.

The one move you didn’t see a great deal of was guys wearing Guys in continue to get a horrible rap. The designer Tom Ford has declared that should never be worn by guys except to swim or play tennis, which feels quite severe, Tom Ford. The Journal itself has loaded onto the anti- brigade, last summer campaigning against what it considers to be the ghastly national outbreak of guys wearing freight

Meh. I’m OK with guys in short pants cargo shorts, which are excellent for taking your keys, plus a half-eaten turkey sandwich, as well as a box turtle that is lost.

And you also understand who else is increasingly OK with guys in Fuddy-duddy old professional

This week the declared that it’ll let players wear in training rounds, a wise and overdue measure which will nearly certainly end up with sanctioned in televised rounds that count. This follows the lead of the European Tour, which already enables its players to wear in practice, because, obviously, they’re European.

I’ve never understood the objection to in professional Are they truly so terrible? Is the male leg objectionable? Or indicative? Are there individuals within the sport who consider that legalizing is a slippery slope, one that can cause untucked tops in golf, subsequently collarless tops in golf, and then shirtlessness in golf, and then Speedos in golf, thongs in golf, and then, eventually, naked

Is that what this is truly about? A panic of naked


We don’t have anything to worry! The professionals are prepared. After all, has experienced a vanity upsurge lately. Gone are the days the sole sixpacks professional golfers were Schlitz. The brand new generation of players are usually healthy and trim, a number of them even in possession of abdominal muscles that are defined. Those men are excited to get to the gym and do squats and calf raises.

I guess plenty of the hostility toward in has been boosted by a secret but strong special interest group: Big Khaki. I bet if you looked into it, you’d uncover that Big Khaki has spent many millions driving pooh-bahs to maintain its long-panted hold on the game.

Follow the cash. As well as the pleats. I believe Big Khaki’s cotton fingerprints are all over this.

Aren’t we living in a second in which is losing relevancy? I keep reading the sport is distressed to bring players and spectators. classes are doing everything possible to incentivize young folks to play. They’re installing discos on Russian kettle-bell and tee boxes groups on fairways and using elfin robots to gradually roll your approach shot onto the green when you’re not looking. OK they’re not doing any of that, however they’re letting   

It’s only common sense. President Trump’s own course up here, Trump National in Westchester, N.Y., lets short pants, so long as they’re “no shorter than two inches above the knee.” In the event that you belong to a club that gets you wear instead of short pants, I’m telling you right now: Your club is overly rigid, too pricey, and likely smells like old money and Aqua Velva.

is beginning to calm down about being so rules-y. This week, the United States Association and Scotland’s Royal & Historical declared a group of adjustments designed to make the sport move more fluidly. Among them: enabling players to get rid of a ball from a bunker (with a two stroke penalty), and eliminating the penalty for a ball that goes unintentionally on the green. There are some of moves to hasten play, including enabling players to maintain the flag in the hole while setting, and slashing at the time for looking for a ball from five minutes to three.

These are all positive measures, not only for the professionals but weekend hackers. Having said that, for taking more than three minutes trying to find a ball, good luck penalising your pals.

I do value the inner conflict within golf: At what point do these concessions and rule changes begin to take away from what makes golf, you know, I’m certain there’s grumbling from the old school: let players remove a ball from a bunker, keep the flag pin in, and the subsequent thing you know, you’re playing Ultimate Frisbee at Augusta National.

(Which would be rather amazing, actually.)

Historically, and at times pathetically, has taken forever to catch up to the remainder of society, but you can’t stop this march of progress: are coming, folks. Perhaps not freight I believe we’ll find legal bud on the PGA Tour before legal freight It’s a pity, but I can hold my keys and half-eaten turkey sandwich in my bag, and return the box turtle calmly to the wild.

Jason Gay | Wall Street Journal

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