Essential Supplementary Medical Insurance Ltd


ESMI is a new, innovative and eco-friendly health insurance company offering simple, affordable, guaranteed acceptance policies – all predominantly online – 


When it comes to insuring your health, the current market is diluted with complicated products and hidden small print.

Our goal at ESMI is to change this and make people realise just how clear, simple and affordable insurance can be.

ESMI offers protection products, to both the individual and business market. For more information on our products please click here.

ESMI operates predominantly as an online business. We chose to do this for several reasons; our products are clear and simple enough to be easily understood and purchased online without advice, it’s more eco-friendly, it means lower administration costs and lower premiums for the customer.

ESMI was set up in 2012 by its founder Andrew Tripp a leading figure in the medical insurance industry.

He himself became seriously ill and experienced first-hand the hardships people can face without protection, since he was unable to work for a long period of time.

As a result, he made it his life-mission to use his 20 years experience in the industry to design and distribute an array of products intended to protect people from financial hardship and to help them when times weren’t so bright and breezy.

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