Founded in 2007, AZAY brand represents a lifestyle and a state that celebrate all that is aesthetic and vibrant.
We are Supplier of the Royal House of Romania, with the mission to reinvent our country concept art de la table. In this sense, it is synonymous with refinement AZAY royal table arrangement art; the finest and most precious collections of table, cutlery, glasses, ornaments and gifts for the important moments of life can be part of your life.
We brought to Romania The Official Supplier of the Royal House of Britain, historical heritage manufactures, designers and consultants whose names built around a centuries define their passion for beauty and craftsmanship to create comfort.
Just as people who chooses to have around talking about our personality, in the same way, objects that are part of our lives define us. They are not mere objects, but part of the ritual of family meals are with us when we drink tea with friends and us is when we give them our close ones or business partners.
We offer our clients a select portfolio of premium crystal and porcelain manufacturers, suppliers royalty from around the world with outstanding experience and world famous JL Coquet – Limoges porcelain hand painted with gold and platinum; Wedgwood (1754) – sets the mass of the fine English porcelain; Salviati (1859) – glasses and decorative crystal Venice favorite of nobility and royal houses worldwide; Arthur Price of England (1902) – gifts, decorative items and silverware; Mario Cioni (1953) – shaped crystal manually – masters from Florence; Clive Christian – gilded porcelain tableware; Vera Wang – porcelain, crystal, silver gifts and decorative items.
Experiencing AZAY means to purchase objects that brings individuality and elegance.
More about us @ www.azay.ro
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